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From Austria to Italy to Turkey, explore all 28 countries in Europe.

Europe is the cradle of Western culture. Its countries are littered with the ancient ruins, medieval castles, art museums, and glorious cathedrals that make up the bulk of most people’s sightseeing agendas. Europe is also a continent of idyllic farmscapes and natural beauty, of ancient forests and glacier-clad Alps, of sparkling coastlines and time-stoppered villages.

Europeans know how to work hard, leading in the sciences and the arts and creating the world’s most sought-after cars, fashions, design, and other goods—but they also relish the enjoyment of life’s simpler pleasures. This is a place to linger over a glass of fine wine and a five-course dinner, or a beer amid the camaraderie of a pub or tavern. Europe has raised relaxing on the beach into an art form. Entire countries here collectively take a mid-afternoon nap followed by an evening stroll.

Europe is a wonderful mosaic of languages, cuisines, cultural traditions, and history just waiting to be discovered. Here are the top destinations in each country to help you zero in on the best of the best to create your dream trip.