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Read on for detailed information about countries in Europe, including best times to visit, special events, and maps.

Countries Collage

Europe is the cradle of Western culture. Its countries are littered with the ancient ruins, medieval castles, art museums, and glorious cathedrals that make up the bulk of most people's sightseeing agendas. Europe is also a continent of idyllic farmscapes and natural beauty, of ancient forests and glacier-clad Alps, of sparkling coastlines and time-stoppered villages.
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Map of Europe

Europe stretches from the Lands of the Midnight Sun in northern Scandinavia to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, the castle-lined valleys of the Rhine and Danube Rivers to the cut-glass peaks of the Alps. Each country has its own proud history and particular geography, its own mix of mountains and plains, forests and coasts, storied provinces and noble rivers.
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