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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

From how to choose the best rail pass to when to expect delivery, browse below for answers to all your rail pass questions.

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What is a consecutive-day pass?

A consecutive-day pass provides unlimited rail travel for the duration of the pass, once it has been validated. For example, if you buy a month-long pass you can travel on as many trains as you like on any day during that month.

Can I travel through a country not covered by my pass?

You may travel through it only after you purchase a ticket for the fare, as your rail pass will not be valid in this country.

Can I travel back and forth between countries?

Yes, you may visit any country that is covered by your pass as many times as you wish. If you travel through a country where your pass is not valid you will have to buy a ticket to cover that portion of the trip. In Italy, you can do this on

Does it matter which country I start in?

You may start using your rail pass in any country in which your pass is valid.

Check out our 2-Country, 3-Country, and 4-Country pass combinations to see what countries you can visit!

What popular routes can I take with my Global Pass?

There are so many exciting options with the Global Pass. Below are a few of the most popular routes offered with this comprehensive rail pass:





















“Activate my rail pass.” What does that mean, and how do I do it?

A Eurail pass must be activated before it can be used. Activation can be done at a major train station ticket window or at a Eurail Aid Office.

An activated pass will show the first and last day of validity of the pass. Activation must take place within 11 months of the issuing date stamp in the upper right corner of your pass.

Activation on board by the train inspector is allowed only if the passholder is entering the valid country on a train from a country where the pass is not valid. In this case, the passholder must report to the train staff immediately upon boarding the train—do not wait for a conductor to come to you.

Failure to activate your pass will result in a payment of the full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of €200.

What should I do if I lose my luggage?

Most train stations have a lost and found office. If you lose your luggage on the train, it is best to contact the railway directly. Go here for a list of participating railway companies.

Can I take my bicycle on the train?

Whether you can take a bike on the train depends on the type of train.

For example, many high-speed trains will not carry bikes but most local trains will accept them. We recommend you check with the independent railways timetable to see if bicycles are allowed, and whether you will need an additional ticket to transport one.

Can I take my car on the train?

For the most part, no. Most trains in Europe transport passengers, luggage, and bicycles. There are a few national railways that offer auto trains, and we suggest you check with independent railway companies to find out more information on this service.

Is there help and special access for disabled travelers?

Most railway companies in Europe offer facilities for disabled passengers. Standards may vary between countries.

We recommend that you check the railway website for each country you are visiting to find out more. is not able to assist in the booking of disabled traveler services.

Can I purchase seat reservations from once I’m already traveling in Europe?

We only sell seat reservations for trains in Italy.

I missed my train. What should I do?

With a rail pass, just hop the next train. If required, you will have to purchase another seat reservation at the customer service desk or a self-service kiosk first.

Can I change seats after the train departs?

It is not likely. You would have to check with the conductor to find out if any open seats are available.

How can I use my coupon?

Bring your pass to the place where it will be redeemed (ferry crossing ticket office, etc.) and show it to the right employee. In the case of hotels, passengers must call in advance to ask about their rules on using the discount.

Should I buy my seat reservations prior to leaving North America, or can I just get them at the train stations in Europe?

You do not have to purchase your seat reservations prior to leaving home.

HOWEVER, there is no guarantee that the first train you want when you arrive at the station will still have seats available. So if it is a train you MUST be on, we would advise you to book your reservations ahead of time through the railway you intend to travel on. If it is an overnight train, we recommend you book in advance as they can sell out quickly and have limited accommodations.