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Railway Services

What should I do if I lose my luggage?

Most train stations have a lost and found office. If you lose your luggage on the train, it is best to contact the railway directly. Go here for a list of participating railway companies.

Can I take my bicycle on the train?

Whether you can take a bike on the train depends on the type of train.

For example, many high-speed trains will not carry bikes but most local trains will accept them. We recommend you check with the independent railways timetable to see if bicycles are allowed, and whether you will need an additional ticket to transport one.

Can I take my car on the train?

For the most part, no. Most trains in Europe transport passengers, luggage, and bicycles. There are a few national railways that offer auto trains, and we suggest you check with independent railway companies to find out more information on this service.

Is there help and special access for disabled travelers?

Most railway companies in Europe offer facilities for disabled passengers. Standards may vary between countries.

We recommend that you check the railway website for each country you are visiting to find out more. is not able to assist in the booking of disabled traveler services.