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Booking a Rail Pass

Do you offer any discounts?

Eurail passes will have promotional offers, typically during the early spring and late fall. Travelers who sign up for our newsletter are notified in advance of upcoming promotions so they can book early when there is greater availability. Otherwise, pricing is standardized for rail passes and all legitimate vendors must sell passes at the official price. In terms of different types of passes, there are discounts for youths (ages 12–28), and for groups of two to five people traveling together (called a Saver Pass). Children ages 4–11 are free. For a complete list of discounts currently on offer, visit our Deals page.

Do I need to book a rail pass for everyone in my traveling party, including children and infants?

Children under four travel for free and will not require a pass. Up to two children ages 4-11 also travel for free when traveling with an adult using a rail pass.

If more than two children are traveling, extra children must purchase youth fare passes. Seat, couchette, sleeper, and other reservations must be made even for a child traveling for free, and will still incur the associated reservation fees.

I made a mistake when I ordered my rail pass. How can I correct it?

Depending on the mistake that has been made, and if your pass has not yet been activated, we can issue you a new rail pass. You will need to send the incorrect pass back to us via a traceable shipping method and pay a new shipping fee.

What information do I need to provide when booking a rail pass? Do the names on the rail pass and the passports have to match?

Yes you will need to provide the first and last name, dates of birth and the country of residence for each passenger exactly as those items appear on his or her passport.

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Can I share my rail pass with others (family, friends)?

A pass is only valid for the person whose name is on it, and you cannot share a rail pass.


Are there discounts available for rail passes?

Beyond train travel, there are additional benefits associated with each rail pass. Examples of discounts include free or discounted ferry and bus fares, discounts on hotel and hostel reservations, and discounts on tours or attractions.