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Every booking accepted is subject to the conditions, tariffs and regulations imposed by the rail, shipping, bus, car rental, car insurance, or other companies, firms, or persons concerned.

Travelers are responsible for ensuring that they have all necessary travel documents and visas.

If you cancel your tickets or passes, you must return them to before the first date of travel. We will then refund the cost of the tickets subject to the deduction of cancellation fees based upon the fare rules for the tickets. These will alter, depending on the relevant ticket conditions. In addition we have an overall administration charge on canceled tickets. In the event that tickets are not canceled prior to your train’s departure or as determined by the rules of the fare booked, no refund can be given.

It is not possible to change your ticket or your booking or receive a refund if you decide not to travel.

Please note that applications for exchange or refund of tickets should be made by first calling or emailing cannot accept responsibility for postal delays or damaged tickets once they have been officially dispatched.

For tickets or passes being sent by postal services, please allow at least three working days for delivery to US addresses and five to seven days for international deliveries. Ticket orders for travel within three days cannot be accepted through this site and have to be ordered by telephone. Please call for further information and help.

When your booking has been confirmed, your tickets will be either electronically emailed to you or dispatched direct to your door, to the address you have given by DHL, Federal Express or National Postal Service. Electronic orders will be processed immediately, while orders requiring shipment will be processed within one business day of receipt.

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Processing Fees
All bookings made through our Call Center are subject to a processing fee. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Refund, Cancellation, Changes, and Exchanges
Rail Passes:

  • Lost or stolen passes are not refundable, exchangeable, or replaceable.
  • Eurail Free Day Promotion Pass are not refundable or exchangeable.
  • Any handling and/or issuing charges for passes are non-refundable.
  • Unused Rail Passes are refundable within one (1) year from issue date or six (6) months from issue date where so stated, provided they have not been validated, have been canceled and so stamped at a retail station in Europe prior to the beginning of the validation period.
  • All refunds on Rail Passes are subject to a 15% cancellation charge.
  • Partially used or validated passes are 100% nonrefundable.

Rail Tickets:

  • All train tickets are non-refundable, if cancelled within 24 hours of the train’s departure or determined by the fare specific rules
  •  For tickets that are refundable according to the specific fare rules, cancellation requests are subject to  a 30% penalty when received 24 hours prior to the train’s departure.


  • Changes to your Ticket Reservation (PNR) can sometimes result in a fare increase—you will be charged the difference, in addition to any applicable Change Fees. NOTE: There is no refund if the new fare is less expensive.
  • No Ticket Reservation (PNR) changes are allowed within 24 hours prior to your train’s scheduled Departure time.
  • Your Ticket Reservation (PNR) is only valid for the Departure and Arrival stations on the ticket. No station changes or substitutions are allowed.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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1. Eurail Pass definition
A Eurail Pass consists of a ticket and a Pass Cover. Neither the ticket nor the Pass Cover is valid on its own. Those who travel using one without the other are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.

2. A Eurail Pass is strictly personal
A Eurail Pass is strictly personal, non-transferable, and valid only upon presentation of a passport or other recognized photographic identification document (no copies accepted). Those who travel with a Eurail Pass without a passport or a legal equivalent are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.
3. A Eurail Pass must be activated
A Eurail Pass must be activated before it can be used. In case a pass is not activated at issuance, activation can be done at a major train station ticket window or at a Eurail Aid Office (see Rail Planner App). An activated pass will show the first and last day of validity of the pass. Activation must take place within eleven months of the issuing date stamp in the upper right hand corner of the ticket. Activation by the ticket inspector is allowed on board a train only if the pass holder is entering the valid country on a train from a country where the pass is not valid. In such cases the pass holder must report to the train staff immediately upon boarding the train. Those who travel using a ticket without an activation date stamp are subject to the payment of a fullfare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking. The train staff administering the fine and issuing the full-fare ticket will also activate the pass.
4. Countries and companies for which the Eurail Pass is valid
4.1 Validity of the pass
The Eurail Global Pass is valid for travel with the participating railway undertakings and shipping companies in the countries listed on page 5. Eurail Select and Eurail One Country Passes are only valid for the country, countries or companies that are printed on the ticket. All participating railway undertakings and shipping companies are listed in the Rail Planner App under Pass Benefits. A Eurail One Country Pass is not valid for travel in the country of residence of the pass holder.
4.2 Journey not entirely covered by the validity of the pass
If a traveler chooses to make a journey which is not entirely covered by the validity of his pass, the missing section has to be paid for at a normal fare.
5. Benefits
Benefits are price reductions offered to the pass holders. Not all passes offer the same benefits. A benefit can only be obtained:
·       On presentation of an activated pass
·       Within the overall validity of a pass
·       Generally only in Europe from the local ticket office, call-centre or website of the company offering the benefit Eurail Passes entitle the holder to benefits on the lines of some companies and non-transportation organisations as listed in the Rail Planner App.
For details regarding the specific benefits see the Rail Planner App. There are two kinds of benefits, namely those entitling to free passage/entrance and those granting a reduction.
5.1 Free and reduction benefits
For both free and reduction benefits for a domestic service, the pass must be valid in the country where the service is granted. For a reduction benefit on an international shipping line the pass must be valid in the country of departure or the country of arrival but for a free benefit on an international shipping line the pass must be valid in the country of departure and the country of arrival. For holders of a Flexi pass, reduction benefits can be used during the entire period of validity of the pass. Free travel benefits for Flexi pass holders can only occur on a date that has been filled in on the Travel Calendar.
6. Recording Travel Diary details 
Before boarding a train, bus, or boat, each journey must be recorded on the Travel Diary. Please be aware that Travel Diary journey details are a crucial part of the ticket. Without these details your ticket is not valid. Those who travel without having recorded the Travel Diary journey details are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.
7. Flexi Pass: filling in the Travel Calendar box on the ticket
Flexi Pass holders may choose the days on which they travel within the period of overall validity of the pass. Before boarding the first train, bus, or boat on a travel day, the date must be correctly entered by pen in blue or black non-erasable ink only (using a pencil is forbidden) in the corresponding Travel Calendar boxes on the ticket. The date must be entered with two digits (7th of May is 07/05) and in sequential order as in the following example:

Those who travel on a date that has not been entered on the ticket are subject to the payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking. Once a travel date is entered, any attempt to correct it will be considered an attempt of fraud and the ticket will be confiscated. If a mistake is made, the pass holder can:
·       Enter the correct date in the next travel day box, which means that the pass holder loses a (non-refundable) travel day; or
·       In all other cases, before ticket control, ask a ticket inspector for advice.
8. Flexi Pass: overnight journeys
If the pass holder boards a direct overnight train after 19.00h (7 pm), and the train arrives at its final destination after 04.00h (4 am), it is only necessary to enter the date of arrival in the Travel Calendar boxes on the ticket. This also covers travel between 19.00h (7 pm) and 24.00h (midnight) on the date of departure, as long as the dates of departure and arrival both fall within the overall period of the pass’ validity. When using an overnight ferry covered by the pass, either the date of departure or arrival may be entered in the Travel Calendar boxes on the ticket. If the pass holder boards an overnight train before 19.00h (7 pm), it is necessary to fill in two travel days on the Travel Calendar.
9. Seat availability, reservations, and surcharges 
A Eurail Pass does not guarantee a seat on a train or boat, unless a separate reservation is secured in advance. Fees for seat reservations, sleeping accommodation, port taxes, meals, and other services while on board trains and boats are not included in the pass. For certain trains and ferries, reservations in advance are compulsory and surcharges and/or supplements may apply. Pass holders must book and/or pay in advance for the following:

  • Seat reservation for most high-speed trains (like SNCF TGV, Thalys, Lyria, Trenitalia Freccia, RENFE AVE). The holder must pay charges and supplements in advance, in particular, those levied for seat reservations (sometimes additional services are included in the reservation fee)
  • Sleeping accommodation: the use of sleeping accommodation (couchettes, beds and sleeperettes) for all night trains
  • Panoramic coach: some scenic trains have the option to travel in a special panoramic coach, which requires a reservation.
  • Meals, which are included in the supplement of some trains.
  • Other services offered on board trains (telephone, newspapers etc.)
  • Special ferry surcharges; Pass holders must book and/or pay the following in advance:
    • The use of cabins, berths and reclining seats on ships of the ferry companies
    • Season supplements during the months June to September on the shipping lines operated by Attica Group (Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries) or Minoan Lines between Italy and Greece
    • Port taxes
    • The use of certain boats. 

10. Misuse of a Eurail Pass and confiscation Railway staff are entitled to confiscate a pass:

  • Which is a photocopy or a counterfeit
  • That is being used by anyone other than the person to whom it was issued
  • On which the data has been altered (on any of the boxes), • Used outside its period of validity
  • Used without a passport or other recognized photographic identification document (no copies accepted). Moreover, the pass holder is subject to the payment of a full fare ticket for the journey made and a maximum fine of 200 euro, subject to the rules of the relevant railway undertaking.

In all the cases above, the pass holder is considered to be attempting fraud against both Eurail Group and the carrier they are traveling with. This will be reported to national authorities, who will determine the appropriate penalties.
11. Luggage
With regard to the transportation of luggage, holders of a Eurail Pass are subject to the same conditions as holders of normal tickets with the railway undertaking of the train they travel on.
12. Eurail Pass period of validity
A Eurail Pass is valid within the overall time period indicated on the pass. Travel can begin after 00.00 hours on the first date of validity, and the last trip must be completed by midnight (24.00 hours) on the last date of validity.
13. 1st and 2nd class
A Eurail Pass is valid for travel in the class indicated on the ticket. 1st class passes are also valid in 2nd class carriages. Those wishing to travel 1st class with a 2nd class pass must pay the full difference between 1st and 2nd class fare on the respective route. There is no refund for 1st class pass holders traveling in 2nd class.
14. Eligibility
Citizens from countries outside the European Union and outside the countries listed hereafter, or persons officially residing outside the European Union and outside the countries listed hereafter, are eligible to travel with a Eurail Pass: Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and Vatican City. Citizens from EU member countries or one of the countries listed above, and persons officially residing in one of these countries are eligible to travel with an Interrail Pass. Proof of citizenship can be established by a passport/identity card. Proof of residence can be established by government issued residency documents.
15. Duplicates and replacement of Eurail Passes
A duplicate Eurail Pass cannot be issued for those that are lost or stolen. Damaged passes or passes bearing incorrect information (due to the Issuing Office or the officer who activated the ticket) may be replaced without any payment. A pass which is damaged by the owner can be replaced if an extra fee is paid. The pass holder has to pay 30 euro or the equivalent in local currency in case of a Eurail Global Pass or Eurail Select Pass. The fee for the replacement of a Eurail One Country Pass is fixed by the carrier concerned. In the event of incorrectly issued tickets the holder may not alter it under any circumstances. He/she must return to the issuing office or take it to the nearest Eurail Aid Office for replacement. Deletion or alterations on the pass shall be treated as a case of misuse (see article 10).
16. Eurail Pass categories
Restrictions apply to using Eurail Passes in different categories: • A Child Pass can only be used by travelers who are younger than 12 years of age on the first day that the pass is valid. A Child Pass can only be used in combination with an Adult Pass and a maximum of two Child Passes per Adult Pass can be issued. Children younger than 4 years of age can travel for free and without a pass, unless a separate seat or bed is requested. In that case a separate Child ticket or pass may be required. In some countries different age restrictions may apply for children traveling on a Eurail One Country Pass. • A Youth Pass can only be used by travelers who are younger than 26 years of age on the first day that the pass is valid. • A Saver Pass is valid for everyone in the party (between two and five Adults) listed on the Control Voucher, but only when they are traveling with the Saver Pass in their possession. If people in the party split up and travel separately, those who are not carrying the Saver Pass will need to buy a separate train ticket. Refunds cannot be applied in this instance.
17. Cancellation and refund policy
In order to obtain a refund, the pass holder shall either:
·       Return the pass to the place of purchase before the first day of validity, or
·       Have a railway official certify the ticket as ‘UNUSED’ before the first day of validity. Refund applications for passes certified as ‘UNUSED’ are accepted up to a year after the date of issue. Refunds are subject to the deduction of a 15% cancellation fee. Once activated, passes are considered ‘used’ and, therefore, non-refundable. Passes that are partially used, lost, damaged or stolen will not be refunded or replaced. The same applies to tickets of any sort purchased to replace lost or stolen tickets. All requests for refund for tickets must be made in writing by the ticket holder exclusively at the agency/office where the pass in question has been purchased while presenting the original ticket in its ticket cover.
18. Liability
Eurail Group G.I.E. only acts as an intermediary of the European carriers, and is not liable for operation of the carriers or for damages or extra costs incurred due to loss of baggage, theft, force majeure, strikes, cancelled trains or other causes.
19. Compensation policy
In the event that a pass holder experiences, during the period of validity of the pass, three or more train delays that are longer than 60 minutes each, he/she will have the right to apply for compensation from the Eurail Group (two or more delays in case of a One Country Pass). For further information and for details on the procedure for compensation, please refer to
20. Legal provisions
Pass holders are subject to these Conditions of Use and to the Conditions of Transport of the carrier(s) that they utilize with the Eurail Pass, as well as to applicable legislation, including Regulation (CE) 1371/2007 when traveling in EU Member States. If the carriers involved in the services have implemented the ‘Uniform Rules concerning the contract for GCC-CIV/PRR’, the transport will be also subject to these rules. Any dispute is subject to the jurisdiction of the country where the transport was or should have been performed.